Beherit Reissues From KVLT

BEHERIT: KVLT Reissues Beherit’s Big Four


Last reissued in 2014, KVLT once again brings back the four cult classics that compose of Finnish black metal/ambient band BEHERIT, exclusively on vinyl! Fans have yet another opportunity to pick up the unmistakable and legendary experimental black metal masterpiece Drawing Down the Moon; the two overlooked ambient solo albums put out by Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance himself,  H418ov21.C and Electric Doom Synthesis; and the return of darkness and evil with the black metal comeback in the form of Engram!

The long and awaited reissues are finally out. KVLT, yet again, presents: BEHERIT

These reissues can be found HERE on KVLT’s official website. Pick one up before they’re all gone again!


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