POWER FROM HELL “Profound Evil Presence” Album Review

Profound Evil Presence Album Review

Hailing from the niche and underground Brazilian metal outfit, enshrouded in nails and leather of that almost paralleling the 1980’s ornamental first-wave of black metal style/aesthetic with a rather fanatical and juvenile-themed zeal of sexual domination, satanic speed metal horde POWER FROM HELL returns with their sixth established full-length, Profound Evil PresenceSODOMIC, the mastermind behind the thrashing satanic speed metal band, utilizes and structures the new cephalopod to connect both the modern take on black metal and the long old first-wave roots that have been pumped through the band’s releases faster than that era’s demise.

Such a progressive approach to two different ethos is no new challenge to a plethora of bands and POWER FROM HELL is no such exception, nailing the album with quite an impressive melodic touch, vibrant spirit, brewed with a rather repetitive pacing, but with the familiar reminiscence of a galloping drum like that of BATHORY. While it is quite a distinctive change in some instrumental aspects, found more notibly with the guitar-work touching off as more complex than the prior releases, which compared to the latter, can sometimes seem almost predictable or boring; regardless, you are rewarded with what POWER FROM HELL is known best for, in terms of material, raspy-hollowed vocals, primitive drum patterns and fills, topped with an energetic classic occult essence.

With a unique style found in Profound Evil Presence, the result is a rather different attention-grabbing and reverb-echoed album, where this 42-minute length album feels more as if it’s testing the waters for a new style or era for the band that is to come in future releases.

~ 8/10



Profound Evil Presence is a 42:59-minute album available at:

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